Our Story


In 2004, three people came together with a shared ambition to create an educational curriculum, environment and space that would set a new standard for all preschools. We named it CHALK Preschool. In 2005 the first CHALK Preschool opened in Illinois; we were blown away by the demand for our product—warm, welcoming, loving teachers and staff who incorporate core curriculum goals based on early childhood learning standards and the arts within a loving, stimulating environment. CHALK believes in providing a well-rounded, structured education, enhanced with play and creativity. Learning becomes play and play becomes learning.

Our high standards in education and our care for aesthetics, backed by an amazing experience for both children and parents has kept CHALK thriving and expanding. In 2006 the first CHALK Preschool in Chicago opened to an enthusiastic reception and excitement for a fresh "face" on the preschool scene. Due to high demand, a second Chicago location opened in 2007. By 2008, we were flooded with requests for CHALK Preschools in other cities and states. We responded by opening a CHALK Preschool in Los Angeles, California in 2009. In 2011, we opened more CHALK Preschools in both Chicago and in the Los Angeles area.

We gained so much momentum that the question soon became, "How do we share this CHALK experience with people requesting CHALK around the world?" The answer…an online preschool. A few more friends joined us as we dove in to what is now CHALK Preschool Online and a new dream of translating our successful curriculum to an online service emerged.

Please enjoy the gift of education that we have worked so very hard to bring to you.

Doug, Jennifer, Angela, Jenna, James

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